Stylish Marine Coord has not been worn by anyone, nor has it debuted in the anime. This coord is from the brand Fortune Party. It is a Pop type coord. This coord is very similar to Charming Marine Coord, the only difference is the color.





A pale red top that gradiates to white going near the bottom. A row of dark gray buttons goes up the center, and at the neck is a dark gray and light blue striped tie. Worn on top of this is a white, short jacket with a single gold button. The cuffs and lapel are black with a single glittering teal line. Comes with a red feathery piece with a black bow on it, that has a blue sparkle pattern. 


A pale red, two-layered skirt with a curly white line on the bottom of each layer. On top is a section lined with blue and a single gold button. 


Shiny, Denim blue boots with black bottom and heel. A little below the cuff of each boot is a gold chain, matching the two chains near the ankle. On the back of each ankle is a bow. 


Stylish Marine Coord is a Rare Pop type coord from the brand Fortune Party.  It first appeared in the October 2014 Millefaui Collection Vol.2.


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