Street Green Parka Coord (ストリートグリーンパーカ) a Pop-type coord from the brand Neon Drop. It has not made an appearance in the anime. It resembles the Street Yellow Parka Coord, Asahi Parka Coord, and Street Pink Parka Coord.





A green and light green oversized parka with NEON DROP written in cyan and yellow gradient, accent with stars and dots. The string in the hood is electric pink. Sewn to the right of the pocket are three badges, one of electric pink that has a star on it, a white one with ND in green, and a green and white stripe with electric pink triangles pointing upward. The skirt is composed of two ruffled pieces of fabric, one being electric pink with white triangles and letters, the other is white, covered in a variety of green triangles. On each hip is a green strap with a pattern of yellow and electric pink triangles, while the lighter strap has green and white triangles.


Green platform sneakers with stars sewn to the three straps on top of the foot. One shoe is lighter than the other, with it's straps opposite from it to match the stripes on the bottom. Saggy white tube socks with green rings on the cuff are included, along with a pair of white, electric pink, and pale green striped socks. Further up on the leg are two accessories, one light green with green stars, the other white with violet diagonal stripes.


A light green rabbit-ear bow with two triangles attached to it. One is electric pink with a white center, the other is white with an orange center.


Street Green Parka Coord is a Pop Rare Coord from the brand Neon Drop. It first appeared in the Dream Theater 2017 Time Vol. 2.


Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
Street Green Parka Dress

Street Green Ladders Shoes

Street Green Hair Accessory

Official Arts

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