Stereo Full Blast! 2x3 = Rock! Go Pleased To Meet You!

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Ep 51

Kanji Name ステレオ全開!2×3=ロック! イゴ、よろしく!
Romanized Name Sutereo Zenkai! 2x3 = Rokku! Igo, yoroshiku!
Creator Dressing Pafé
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Shion Todo, Dorothy West, Leona West & Faruru

Stereo Full Blast! 2x3 = Rock! Go Pleased To Meet You! is the third Making Drama used by Dressing Pafé in Episode 28.

This making drama was created by Shion Todo to mark her victories in Go.

Characters Appearances


Each Idol is shown playing a drum, guitar, or bass before posing with the instruments name next to them. They pose together in front of a Go board. Two mascot bears float near them, one white, one black.

In the Ninja version the scenery shows the group outside in the evening with the moon in the background.

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
螢幕快照 2015-01-17 上午11.32.16
Dressing Pafé
螢幕快照 2015-01-31 下午12.18.07
Faruru Bokerdole
螢幕快照 2015-01-31 下午12.30.44
Dressing Pafé


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