Sparkling Star Coord (きらりんスタ) is a Pop-type coord from the brand Rosette Jewel. It was first seen worn by Pinon in Episode 98 - Playing Three Roles Alone Is Hard!.


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Episode 98
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A white top with a row of pale pink buttons traveling up the middle and sky-blue frill lining is worn beneath a pale yellow ruffled tank-top lined in fuchsia and white. The collar is glittering blue to match the strap going down the center, adorned with fuchsia frills and gold buttons. A white, fuchsia, and sky-blue striped bow hangs beneath the neck with a gold and crystal sphere in the center and a sparkling sky-blue star sewn to the ribbon tails. The skirt is pale yellow with a fuchsia section going down the sides and piped with glittering sky-blue to match the ruffled material around the hem, adorned with a single yellow bow. On the skirt are pale pink and sky-blue glittery sparkle markings, and white stars print around the bottom, each lined in glittering fuchsia piping. Ruffled material is attached to the bottom of the skirt, one pale yellow with white lining, and the second a soft fuchsia. Comes with pale yellow sleeves with the design from the skirt, along with glittering sky-blue ruffles around the top, and fuchsia glittering piped designs and stars on the bottom.


Lilac pumps with a crystal-blue sole. Ribbon attached to the top of the foot travels mid-way up the leg and ties with a bow at the back. Comes with pale yellow stockings with scallop-shaped lining and a pattern of glittering fuchsia and sky-blue sparkle markings.


A beaded head ornament of pink hearts and sky-blue stars. On the side is a sky-blue glittering star on a gold base.


Sparkling Star Coord is a Pop type Rare Coord from the brand Rosette Jewel. It first appeared in the Divine 2016 Vol.1 Collection.


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Sparkling Star One-Piece

Sparkling Star Shoes

Sparkling Star Accessory

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