Sparkling Ramune Coord (?) was worn briefly in Episode 22 by Sophie Hojo. This is one of the few coords to be Brandless.


Episode Image User
螢幕快照 2014-11-29 下午12.34.36
Sophie Hojo

Coord Highlight

"Ramune? How refreshing."- Sophie



A gradient top of pale peach and yellow lined with a glittering fuchsia bow adorned with two white spheres reminiscent of bubbles to match the layered design on top of the chest, resting on top of two glittering pieces of semi-pleat material, one side fuchsia, the other sky-blue. Hanging off of the shoulder ruffled pale blue glittering sleeves with a row of tiny pearls lining the shoulder. The skirt is in two sections, with the main part pale blue-white that has a print of blue dots and a ruffled pale blue glittering piece of material around the bottom. On the right of the skirt rests a large glittery fuchsia bow with a single crystal sphere in the center and long, thick navy glittering ribbon tails hanging from it, adorned with white spheres. Hanging from the waist is a glittering, cape-like skirt split in half and lined in navy.


Sparkling Ramune Coord is a Premium type Rare Coord and it has no brand. It first appeared in the 2014 Limited Live.


  • This coord is a promotional collaboration coord with the Pucchigumi magazine.
  • Ramune is a type of glass bottled soda drink that is popular in Japan.


Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
Sparkling Ramune Dress



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