Sparkle Gold Coord (きらめきゴールド) is a Celeb-type rare coord from Dear Crown. This coord has not been seen in the anime.





A glimmering gold dress with a trim of red ruffles to match the two layer sleeves. The collar is black, matching the striped skirt peeking from the bottom. Beneath the chest rests a black obi with gold detail, along with a thin red section with white polka-dots. A red string bow is sewn to the bow resting on top of the other bow attached to the corner. Three pearl chains hang from beneath, two gold, one pearl. Ruffled material in three layers is beneath this section.


Glimmering golden boots with a black heel, toe, and sole. Going up the center is red string, tied into a bow on top of a black frilly ribbon accented with gold shapes.


Sparkle Gold Coord is a Rare Coord from Dear Crown. It first appeared in the 2016 Series Divine Idol Promotional Coords.

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Sparkle Gold One-Piece

Sparkle Gold Shoes


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