Sophie's Fan Club is Sophie Hojo's fan club at Paprika Private Academy and the members consist of middle school students. They always follow Sophie wherever she goes.

Notable Members

  • Sadako - The leader of Sophie's Fan Club, and one of Sophie's biggest fans/devotees.
  • Chanko - The "body guard", fights off people who try to get close to Sophie.
  • Several unknown girls.


  • Sophie Hojo
    • The members not only worship and follow Sophie around, they assigned themselves as her protectors.


They all wear bright pinkish magenta cloaks with a darker magenta "S" (for Sophie) with two sparkles on it. The cloak is also reversible; the cloak is also black. Under their cloaks, they wear their school uniform. Some members wear a pink headband with the signature "S" on it, while some wear a blue bow with the signature "S".


  • Their Team name is the Guardians.
  • They are all active Idols in PriPara, but they mainly go to PriPara to watch Sophie perform live.
  • They won't let anyone within 3 meters of Sophie.
  • They won't cooperate with anyone who hasn't sent at least 100 fan mail letters to Sophie.
  • All of the members are female.
  • They have a collection of all of the Friends Ticket that Sophie has exchanged with them.
  • As shown in episode 13 everyone in the fan club is indeed active idols because of all their PriTickets are inside Sophie's PriTicket Bag.


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