SoLaMi♡SMILE Cool Coord (そらみ♡スマイルクール) was first seen worn by Sophie Hojo in Episode 103. This coord is from the brand Holic Trick. This coord, along with the Fresh SoLaMi S Team Cyalume Coord and the Chao SoLaMi♡SMILE S Team Cyalume Coord, are recolors of the SoLaMi♡SMILE S Team Cyalume Coord.


Episode Image User
Episode 103
Sophie Hojo



A dress of violet plaid with gold lining the collar and sleeves, while white and tomato-colored lines circle the bottom. The right side of the chest is amethyst with glitter coating and four violet plaid straps, each lined in gold with a diamond on each side, coming either with tomato-colored sequins or gold. Around the waist are two gold chains with a violet plaid and white split bow with golden-orange center attached to ruffled cloth, coming in tomato, lavender, and white. White ruffles stick out from the bottom of the shirt. The skirt has three glitter coated sections, coming in white, lilac, and amethyst to match the large ribbon sewn to the back of the skirt. Beneath this is a lilac-white skirt with pale purple lines, resting on top of a pale purple skirt on top of a white ruffled petticoat. On one arm is an amethyst sequin ribbon wrapped around it with a bow to match the one from the  dress, while the other arm gains an amethyst and white glittering wrist accessory.


Tall white boots with a violet sole and plaid cuff lined in gold. An amethyst sequin bow is sewn to the center with white ruffled materials and a single dark tomato. Violet straps circle the upper foot and leg of the boot, with each held with gold diamonds that have tomato or gold sequins in it. Comes with white stockings that have a ruffled cuff and glittering stripes of lavender, purple, and tomato.


A white miniature cap with a violet band around the middle. On the side is a split design bow with a golden-orange center attached to three ruffled pieces of material, one tomato, one lavender, and one white. The left side of the bow is violet plaid, while the right is an amethyst sequin.


SoLaMi♡SMILE Cool Coordis a PriPara Rare Coord from the brand Holic Trick. It first appeared in the 2016 Series Divine Idol Promotional Coords.


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SoLaMi♡SMILE Cool Dress

SoLaMi♡SMILE Cool Shoes

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