PriPara - 26 227 22
Center Laala and Shion (Duel Center)
Status Disbanded
Idol(s) Laala Manaka
Mirei Minami
Sophie Hojo
Shion Todo
Dorothy West
Leona West

SoLaMi♡Dressing is an idol unit composed of the members of SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé. They formed their unit in Episode 25 for the Christmas Idol Grand Prix. Their main objective is, presumably, to obtain the components of the Paradise Coord.


Laala, Mirei, Sophie, Shion, Dorothy, and Leona first formed their unit in Episode 25 and competed in the Christmas Idol Grand Prix, in which they performed Realize!. They emerged the winners, earning themselves the Paradise Shoes, a component of the Paradise Coord: the best coord in all of PriPara.

However, they disbanded in Episode 26 after losing the Paradise Coord to Faruru and continued activities as separate units. They later reunited in Episode 35 with a new song and got back the Paradise Coord.

In Episode 37, they performed Saints' song Make it! in order to awaken Faruru, who two episodes earlier had fallen into a coma-like state after snapping her Friends Ticket to trade with Laala. The six Cyalume Change with the Paradise Coord, but it doesn't last for long as the coord quickly loses its sparkle.

The group manage to make the Paradise Coord shine once more after the entire audience starts singing using Prism Voice, which they discover can belong to anyone as long as they have strong enough wishes. They continue their performance of Make it!, activating their own Prism Voices and awakening Faruru, who begins singing with them. The performances allows the creation of multiple Paradise Coord PriTickets, which is distributed to everyone in PriPara.

After the concert, the rest of SoLaMi♡Dressing are reluctant to let Faruru trade Friends Tickets with Laala after their disastrous first try. However, they soon find that, after a successful trade with Laala, Faruru is now capable of doing so without the earlier complications occurring, and eagerly ask to trade their own Friends Tickets with her.

In Episode 38, they attend Faruru's birthday party, where they learn from Kuma and Usagi that they have all ranked up to Major Class. The group helps search for Unicorn when the mascot disappears after the party, and bid farewell to her and Faruru when the two journey off together, with Laala promising Faruru that they will meet again someday.

Presumably the day after Faruru and Unicorn leave, the six enter PriPara, once more into their separate units, and decide to take on a spring live audition, but are informed by Meganee Akai that they are unable to enter themselves up. SoLaMi♡SMILE and Dressing Pafé are then disbanded by Meganii Akai, leaving the group in shock. This is later found out to be due to the new Dream Theater. To form a Dream Team they new Charms have to glow.



Dressing Pafé


Unit Relationships

SoLaMi♡Smile and Dressing Pafé used to be fierce rivals, with the latter's main objective being to beat SoLaMi♡Smile. They frequently competed against each other, but have since become pretty good friends.

Unit Dresses

Laala Manaka

Mirei Minami

Sophie Hojo

Shion Todo

Dorothy West

Leona West


Making Dramas

Making Theater

  • Exciting Birthday Party


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  • With six members, this is the largest unit so far in the Pretty Rhythm / PriPara universe, beating out PURETTY (five members) from Pretty Rhythm Dear My Future.
  • The members of SoLaMi♡Dressing have names that all fall in one of the notes of the Solfège scale, with the exception of Faruru.
    • Dorothy : (Do)
    • Reona (Leona): (Re)
    • Mirei : (Mi)
    • Sophie : (So)
    • Laala : (La)
    • Shion (Ti is often pronounced Shi in Japanese): (Ti)
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