Silvery Feather Coord (シルバリーフェザー) is a Celeb type coord from the brand Rich Venus. It has not appeared in the anime yet. It resembles the Golden Feather Coord and Pinky Feather Coord.





A silver turtleneck with a white ornate heart print and scalloped lining. The fabric on the neck is made from different material, accenting the material on the lower right corner, which has strands of silver beads. Sewn to the chest is purple glittering ribbon that connects to a glittering silver ribbon on the right corner, accent with a large purple gem, a lilac pearl. Sticking out from the top is a lilac pearl piece attached to three layered glittering silver wing-like material. Comes with a silver ornate arm accessory for the left hand, and a thick white feathery boa with purple feathers spread through it on the right arm.


A silver glittering princess skirt with bunched pieces of fabric covering it. The material around the waist matches that of the top, which is decorated with lilac pearl petals and a single, large purple gem. On the skirt are several purple gems with a crystal gem hanging from each one. Two rows of white feathery wings are sewn to the sides of the skirt.


Pearl sandals with three straps on the top and ankle, each accent by lilac pearl petals and a single, purple gem. Silver glittering fabric wraps around the lower leg, bound to a silver ornate cuff held with glittering purple ribbon. Sewn to the middle is a purple gem and a lilac pearl beneath it.


A silver crown made to resemble the tops fabric. On the side are four gems, two of diamond, two crystal, surrounding a large purple gem. On the side are glittering silver feathery pieces.


Silvery Feather Coord is a Celeb PriPara Rare Coord from the brand Rich Venus. It first appeared in the Time 2017 Vol. 5 Collection.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Silvery Feather Top

Silvery Feather Skirt

Silvery Feather Shoes

Silvery Feather Accessory

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