Shougo Yumekawa
Kanji 夢川ショウゴ
Rōmaji Yumekawa Shōgo
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Turquoise
Hair Color Pale Blonde
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student
Affiliation WITH (Unit)
Personal Status
Relatives Yui Yumekawa (younger sister)
Voice Actors
Japanese Seiichirou Yamashita

Shougo Yumekawa (夢川ショウゴ Yumekawa Shōgo) (officially Shogo Yumekawa) is a supporting character in the Idol Time PriPara anime series and the older brother of Yui Yumekawa. He is a member of the Idol Unit WITH and attends Avocado Academy.


Shougo has sharp cornered eyes of turquoise and pale blonde hair with several locks of hair mostly to the right of his head, while the left is mainly brushed back with less bangs and his ear visible. His hair is mid-neck length. 


Outwardly Shougo is charming and kind. He loves to excite his fans and relishes being chased after by them. He is a quick thinker and manages to turn poor situations into good publicity for himself, but he has a short temper when it comes to someone making him look bad or getting in his way.

Towards Yui he is an emotional bully. He often claims to be embarrassed because of her and only shows his "true" personality around her.


  • Yui Yumekawa - For unknown reasons he has a poor relationship with his little sister. He loves to humiliate and upset her and doesn't believe she can truly be an Idol. However in episode 20 of Idol Time, his relationship with his sister is better, seeing as he escorted her through Super Idol Time, and traded Friend Tickets with her.
  • Asahi Mitaka - His teammate in WITH.
  • Koyoi Takase - His teammate in WITH.

Significant Coords


Yumekawa (夢川) Yume (夢) means dream, and Kawa (川) means river.

Shougo (ショウゴ) means noon (正午).


  • He is the first known older brother character in PriPara.
  • Yui has revealed several embarrassing things he did in the past and has pictures of these moments. Including:
    • Wetting the bed.
    • Begging to play with her and a childhood friend.
    • Getting 0 marks in a test and didn't write his name on it.
  • His hair and eye color are swapped on Koyoi.
    • Koyoi's eye color is similar in color to Shougo's hair while Shougo's eye color is similar in color to Koyoi's hair color.
  • Shougo's Birthday falls on November 23rd.
  • His favorite food are Rice and Crepes.
  • Judging from his Jewel, Shougo is confirmed to be a lovely type idol.
  • Though he is always in the center of WITH's performances, it has been officially stated that Koyoi is the leader of WITH.
  • It has been told while the Friendship Tour! Promise ! Rhythm ! Paradise! that he is afraid of rollercoasters.
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