Shooting STAR is an arcade exclusive song.

Shooting STAR
Shooting star
Kanji Shooting STAR
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Wow wow wow tsukamou
Shining, Shining Shooting Star!

(Don't touch me! Kawaii dake dato
Omowanaide kure NonNonNon!)
(Perfect Girl mezashiten dakara)
Akiramenai kara TryTryTry!)
(Reach for the star and let's go!)

Iradatteita nani mo kamo ni
Mienai mirai no yukue ni
Motometeita feelin' my heart
Nandomo jibun tashikamete

Ima wa fuan na yoru dakedo
Akenai asa wa nai yo ne
Fumidasu yūki ga daiji sa
Shinjite susumou yo

Wow wow wow bokura no atarashī sekai e
Wow wow wow mukatte I can do!
Takaku uh

Ano basho e mukatte kagayaku ano basho e
Atsuku naru kodō wo we can do!
Sora wo mezashite

(La la la...) Kiseki shinjite
(La la la...) Hajimaru sensation

Wow wow wow つかもう
Shining, Shining Shooting Star!

(Don't touch me! かわいいだけだと
思わないでくれ NonNonNon!)
(Perfect Girl 目指してんだから
あきらめないから TryTryTry!)
(Reach for the star and let's go!)

求めていた Feelin' my heart


wow wow wow 僕らの新しい世界へ
wow wow wow 向かって I can do!
高く uh

熱くなる鼓動を we can do!

(Lalala...) 奇跡信じて
(Lalala...) はじまる Sensation

Wow wow wow I'll catch it
The shining, shining, shooting star!

(Don't touch me! Don't think that
I'm just cute NonNonNon!)
(I'm aiming to be a perfect girl
So I won't give up TryTryTry!)
(Reach for the star and let's go!)

Everything had irritated me
When I thought about my future whereabouts
I've grabbed it, feelin' my heart
I confirm myself countless times

Now is a night of worries, but
Morning will never come if you don't open your eyes
The courage to take the first step is important
So believe in it, and go on

Wow wow wow, to our new world
Wow wow wow, facing forward, I can do!
Fly higher, uh

Facing towards that place, to that shining place
My heartbeat grows passionate, we can do!
Aiming towards the skies

(La la la...) Believe in miracles
(La la la...) It's starting... this sensation


  • This song is a cover of a song from the original Pretty Rhythm arcade game.
  • The version used in the 3DS game and the version used in the arcade game have different lyrics at most parts.



Ver. Song Duration Audio
Vocal Shooting STAR 5:06
07. Shooting STAR
Instrumental Shooting STAR 5:06
13. Shooting STAR (Original Karaoke)
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