Shining Star
Shining Star Type B
Romaji Shining Star
Format Single
Artist I☆Ris
Released March 8, 2017
Genre J-Pop

Shining Star is the fourteenth CD single by i☆Ris and also their eighth PriPara related single. It was released on March 8th, 2017.


Type A

  1. Shining Star
  2. jewel
  3. Shining Star(Instrumental)
  4. jewel (Instrumental)

Type B

  1. Shining Star
  2. jewel
  3. HERO
  4. Shining Star(Instrumental)
  5. jewel (Instrumental)
  6. HERO (Instrumental)

Featured Singers



Ver. Song Duration Audio
Vocal Shining Star 4:04
01. Shining Star
Vocal jewel 3:59
02. jewel
Vocal HERO 4:16 TBA
Instrumental Shining Star 4:04
03. Shining Star (Instrumental)
Instrumental jewel 3:59
04. jewel (Instrumental)
Instrumental HERO 4:16 TBA


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