Shining Macaron Factory
Ep 104 15.png
Kanji Name いたずらマカロンフアクトリー
Romanized Name Itazura makaronfakutorī
Creator N/A
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Gaarumageddon

Shining Macaron Factory is a Making Drama first used by Gaarumageddon in Episode 104


A chest opens up and multiple mini Faruru's come out of it along with Gaaruru. Mikan and Aroma are standing as macarons are falling around them. Then, multiple toy dinosaurs appear. The mini Faruru's are seen walking with macarons while Mikan jumps for joy in the background. The trio then walk into a store as macarons are being produced. Finally, they appear behind the factory and jump out as mini Faruru's and toy dinosaurs appear around them.

Character Appearances

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
104, 166
Ep 104 15.png


  • Later versions of this Making Drama include mini Faruru's that look more like the ones in the series, as well as a different background.

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