Sherbet Hitchhike Coord (ヒッチハイクシャーベット) is a Lovely Type coord from the brand Silky Heart. Is first used by Mikan Shiratama & Mirei Minami in Episode 86.


Episode Image User
86 Dress 2 Mikan & Mirei



A top composed of melon and white shapes lined in light pink. A shorter fuchsia top is worn over it with white lines detailing it. The cuff is melon with two white lines and several ornaments; including a blue and white bow, and a ruffled piece of material coming in several designs to match the sleeves on each arm. On the torso is a large blue bow with a small icon depicted on the left tail, four gold buttons, and a melon Pass held on a yellow string. A blue backpack hangs from the back. Lining the top and bottom of each sleeve is a piece of white ruffled material lined in gold.


A fuchsia  pleat skirt with melon and white lining the bottom. The pleats are composed of light white pleat material, while the waistband is blue with gold lines and hearts on it. On the back is a large white bow with blue hearts surrounded by four fuchsia lines. Sewn to the right front of the skirt is a notepad depicting the arctic. Several pieces of material hang from the skirt to match the pattern swatches from the top.


Fuchsia boots with blue bottom and white ribbons tied around the leg. The center is pale gold with white lining. On the back of each heel are two large white bows lined in fuchsia and blue. Comes with loose socks composed of the same swatch materials. The cuff is melon and white with a single blue buckle.  and light blue, lined in pale gold and held with a single red buckle.


Sherbet Hitchhike Coord is a Lovely type Pripara Rare Coord from the brand Silky Heart. It first appeared in the Dream Theater 2015 6th Live.



Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Sherbet Hitchhike Shirt

Sherbet Hitchhike Skirt

Sherbet Hitchhike Boots


Official Arts

Anime Screenshot

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