The Sheep Squad are the alternate identities of five Avocado Academy cheerleaders. With their sheep costumes, the cheerleaders sneak into BoyPara/DanPri to watch the performances in person.

According to Chii, the Sheep Squad, with the purpose of infiltrating BoyPara/DanPri, is the true form of the Cheerleading Club and has been for generations. The Cheerleading Club is simply a façade for these activities.

Laala and Yui join the girls in their escapades from time to time. In return, the Sheep Squad helps them in times of need.



Everyone in the Sheep Squad wears the official costume when off-duty from cheerleading and school. The costume consists of a fluffy one-piece with sheep ears and horns on the hood, along with a face. They have brown gloves over their hands and shoes, reminiscent of sheep hooves, worn with brown tights and fluffy leg warmers. A tie is worn around the neck.


The first syllables of the four non-leader members' names can be put together to form "cheer girl" (チアガール), a term for "cheerleader" in Japanese. The "chi" in Chii's name doubles up with Chiako; likely she is separate to the pattern due to being the leader.

  • Chi (チ) – Chiako
  • A (ア) – Aiko
  • Ga (ガ) – Gaiko
  • Ru (ル) – Rui


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