All members of Saints

From left to right: Naru Ayase, Aira Harune, Mia Hanazono.

Saints is a retired Divine idol group. They are thought to be the top PriPara idols. In Episode 1, it was stated that their last performance was three years ago. They have only ever received cameo appearances in the anime, and little details are known about them. 




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  • All three of the members of Saints were the parallel versions of the lead protagonists from the Pretty Rhythm series.
    • Aira Harune from Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream
    • Mia Ageha from Pretty Rhythm: Dear My Future
    • Naru Ayase from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live
  • All three are also wearing their trio unit outfits from their series - Aira from MARs, Mia from Cosmos, and Naru from Happy Rain - although with the blades on their boots removed.
  • The group's last performance (3 years ago) is also when Pretty Rhythm's first anime debuted. (2011)
  • Interestingly, despite having disbanded, their unit name still appears on the electronic board in PriPara which lists upcoming performances.
  • They made their way up to the top by winning a trio tournament, the Sparkling Grand Prix.
  • When she was little, Mirei saw one of their performances - that was the moment that Mirei decided that she wanted to become an idol.
  • Each of their Cyalume coords are the focal point of their respective seasons.
PriPara Saints Make It!
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