Sadako Gozen
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Kanji 御前定子
Rōmaji Gozen Sadako
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 14
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Dark Blonde
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student
Affiliation Sophie's Fan Club
Personal Status
Anime Episode 02 - You Can't Break a Promise, Pri!
Voice Actors
Japanese Aina Kusuda
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Sadako Gozen (御前定子 Gozen Sadako) is the leader of Sophie's fan club. She devotes her time to protect Sophie.


Sadako has long, layered beige hair with bangs, and sharp iron-blue eyes. She wears a pink headband with an "S" on it over her bangs. She is typically seen in the Sophie's Fan Club jacket with her school uniform.


Sophie Hojo

  • Sadako protects and worships Sophie. She always wants what's best for Sophie, and goes to great lengths to make it happen. One instance is whenever Sophie goes into "Fancy Mode" as it could cause a scandal. 

Sophie's Fan Club

  • Alongside her fellow members of Sophie's Fan Club, Sadako admires and protects Sophie. She is currently the leader of the group, and has authority over all the other fangirls.


  • Chanko is a member of Sophie's Fan Club, and at Sadako's demand, fights off any "intruders".


Sadako (節子) - Means "Proper Child" and/or "Child of Integrity". Her name could relate to the fact she is responsible, protective, and the leader of Sophie's Fan Club (who are also Sophie's "guards").

Gozen (御前) - Means "young lady" or "young lord".


  • She goes to Paprika Private Academy.
  • It is quite possible she may be an active Idol or simply goes to PriPara in order to keep her duties as the leader of Sophie's Fan Club.
  • She and Chanko are the only members of the club to have their own unique coords.
  • She shares her name with the famous ghost from the horror film series, The Ring. In Episode 17, she cosplays as her namesake for Halloween.
  • She is voiced by Aina Kusuda who is well-known for the voice of Nozomi Tojo from Love Live!, another idol series.
  • In Episode 23, she was concerned about Sophie losing her PriTicket bag and Sophie dropping down.
  • When she goes to Pripara, her outfit (underneath the jacket) looks as if it's the same as Bell from Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live after a Bell Rose performance.
  • Her hairstyle is similar to Bell Renjouji's from Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live.


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