Rōmaji Rui
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Eye Color Turquoise
Hair Color Black
Professional Statistics
Occupation Student
Affiliation Sheep Squad

Avocado Academy Cheerleaders

Personal Status
Voice Actors
Japanese Ayaka Nanase

Rui is a supporting character in the Idol Time PriPara anime series. She is a member of the Sheep Squad and an Avocado Academy cheerleaders.


Rui has sharp turquoise eyes and medium-length black hair worn on the shoulder with small pigtails on top of her head. Her bangs form a thick tuft in the middle, with smaller bangs framing her face and thick forelocks that mostly cover her ears.


Rui is generally quiet, with tsundere personality traits. She is the soft-spoken type, and doesn't necessarily try to sound mean, but she will stubbornly claim the opposite of her true feelings.



  • Her casual coord is PriPara is the Green Cat Coord from the brand, Holic Trick.
    • This also implies she is a Cool Idol. However, this is not confirmed.
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