Royal Fur Hyacinth Coord (プリパラナースやさしさの) is a Celeb-type coord from the brand Rich Venus. It has not appeared in the anime yet, nor has it been worn by anyone. It resembles the Royal Fur Lilac Coord, Royal Fur Reef Coord, Royal Fur Berry Coord, and Royal Fur Salvia Coord.





A pearl blouse with textured torso that has two fluffy dark amethyst bands around the chest, the top of which has a trim of glittering milk-blue scallops, and an indigo gem on a gold base sewn to the middle. Hanging from the gem is a tiny gold bead and a diamond gem. Around the navel is an ornate gold piece with a single, tiny indigo oval-shaped gem in the middle. Sewn to the back is a glittering milk-blue ribbon to accent the scalloped fabric residing on each shoulder, which is bound by gold beads. The sleeves have a gold ornate cuff accent by tiny indigo gems. Comes with a fluffy dark amethyst choker and matching bracelets lined by gold beads to match the cuff of the gloves.


A skirt of many layers, the main portion is a glittering white and soft blue tutu shaped like a flower, with each petal separated by gold ornate designs and indigo gem accents. A solid white layer sticks out from this accent by glittering milk-blue designs around the bottom. Sewn on top of the skirt is a milk-blue glittering peplum tutu, followed by a white section and chain of gold beads. A white ruffled cape-like layer sticks out from the peplum with a thick, fluffy dark amethyst lining and designs to match those of the inner skirt.


White pumps with a milk-blue glittering design on the toe, foot flap, and heel to match the sole. A thick, fluffy dark amethyst strap rests on top of the foot, along with a gold bead chain. Included are long, white textured socks with fluffy, dark amethyst straps lined by gold bead chains wrapping around the legs.


A white textured mini-hat with a fluffy, dark amethyst strap around the middle, a gold bead chain beneath it, and a piece of white scalloped material. Sewn to the corner is a large indigo gem on a gold base with a gold diamond hanging from it, along with ruffled glittering, dark milk-blue cloth on the side.


Royal Fur Hyacinth Coord is a Celeb Rare Coord from the brand Rich Venus. It first appeared in the 2017 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Royal Fur Hyacinth Top

Royal Fur Hyacinth Skirt

Royal Fur Hyacinth Shoes

Royal Fur Hyacinth Hair Accessory

Official Arts

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