Rosette Jewel Pop Cyalume Coord (ロゼットジュエルポップサイリウム) is a Pop-type coord from the brand Rosette Jewel. It was first seen worn by Pinon in Episode 93. It resembles the Rosette Jewel Idol Cyalume Coord, Rosette Jewel Premium Coord, Rosette Jewel Cool Cyalume Coord, Rosette Jewel Lovely Cyalume Coord, and Super Cyalume Triangle Coord.


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Pinon's Cyalume Coord starting from Episode 93
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A short puffy dress made of many elements. The torso is pale gold with blue string beneath a section of blue lined in gold trim and a band of cyan around the top. Sewn to the center of the chest is a white and gold badge with a matching ribbon hanging from it, attached to a blue ruffled ribbon. The sleeves hang beneath the shoulder is cyan with blue around the top and a gold design consisted of dots and dangles. The right arm has a gold cuff with a long striped sleeve sewn to it, along with white and gold two layer ruffled cuffs. Sewn to the back is a white, blue, and sky-blue ribbon, while several gold chains attach to the top of the torso and attach to the neck with a diamond gem dangling from it, along with a single gold star. The skirt is in two layers, with the main portion a striping of cyan, pale old, pale blue, and blue. Two cyan folded portions of skirting rests on top of the main skirt, lined in white with a thin piped gold line. Around the hem is a white ruffled skirt with gold piping and ruffles of blue and white beneath it. Sewn to the back of the skirt is a large gold, blue, and light cyan ribbon.


Blue pumps with gold sole and a diamond gem in the center surrounded by two gold stars. Comes with white stockings that have a star print in pale cyan and blue. The two-layer cuff matches this, with a gold beaded chain attached to a white and gold emblem design with two gold chains hanging from it, a small star hanging from each chain. On the left ankle is a pale cyan ruffled cuff with the same gold beads.


A diamond gem with a gold bead base attached to two ruffled pieces of material, one white with gold design lining, the second a striping of pale gold, cyan, pale blue, and blue. A pale gold ribbon connects to the side.


Rosette Jewel Pop Cyalume Coord is a Pop type Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Rosette Jewel. It first appeared in the Divine 2016 Vol.1 Collection.


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Rosette Jewel Pop Cyalume Dress

Rosette Jewel Pop Cyalume Shoes

Rosette Jewel Pop Cyalume Accessory

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