Kanji 莉奈 (?)
Physical and Vital Information
Species Vacuum
Gender None (However, it has a female name)
Age Unknown
Height Unknown
Eye Color None
Hair Color None
Professional Statistics
Occupation Vacuum
Affiliation Gloria Ookanda
Paprika Private Academy
Personal Status
Anime Episode 01 - I Became an Idol!
Voice Actors

Rina is Gloria Ookanda's beloved vacuum.


Rina is a small, handheld, gray, black, and red vacuum. She also can also extend to vacuum farther places.


Gloria Ookanda - She owns Rina and sucks up many tickets with her. Gloria treats Rina as if it was a very important pet.

Nao - Rina confiscated Nao's PriTicket.

Laala Manaka - Gloria Ookanada is suspicious of her and often takes Rina with her to stalk Laala.

Unnamed Paprika Private Academy Girls - Rina confiscates many tickets from Paprika Private Academy elementary and middle school girls.

Sophie Hojo - Rina took away all of Sophie's PriTickets in Episode 23.

Dorothy West - Rina took away all of Dorothy's PriTickets in Episode 23, which Dorothy tried to get back by using a pepper shaker on Rina.

Leona West - Took away all of Leona's PriTickets in Episode 23

Shion Todo - Took away all of Shion's PriTickets in Episode 23. Shion used her shinai and Ookanda used Rina and they fought for the PriTickets.


Rina - Her name could of came from many different languages, but a common one is Hebrew. Rina in Hebrew means "Joyous Song", which can be considered ironic since Rina sucks up tickets to prevent people from going to PriPara and singing. In Japanese, Rina means "Jasmine".



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