Rich Venus Cyalume Coord (リッチヴィーナスサイリウム) is a Celeb-type coord from the brand Rich Venus. This coord has been first worn by Shuuka Hanazono in Episode 167.


Episode Image User
167, 168
Rich Venus Cyalume
Shuuka Hanazono



An outfit composed of a pale pink and gold dress worn beneath a white jacket or dress that has a thick border design of gold, adorned with emeralds and sapphires, lined by a burgundy strip with a single line of white. Hanging down on either side is a strip of yellow fabric with tiny designs. The arms are burgundy with a gold design going down the middle, trim by white fluff and a piece of fabric that matches the torso fabric. White fluff also lines the bottom of the skirt, and covers the top of the chest with a large emerald gem on a gold base surrounded by diamonds and sapphire gems. A gold belt is worn on the waist with an ornate ornament hanging from the sapphire in the middle, which is surrounded by several emeralds. A gold choker with several diamonds is included, with emerald and sapphire gems hanging from it.


Pale pink and burgundy pumps with gold details. A sapphire gem rests on top of the foot. Worn on the lower leg are burgundy leg warmers lined with thick white fluffy material and decorated by a white and gold design that has gems on it. A pale pink cuff is sewn to the top of this is a gold design and trim of white fluff. Further up on the leg is a gold accessory with an ornate dangle and several sapphire and emerald gems adorning it.


A white fluffy brim attached to a gold tiara adorned with small diamonds, and four emeralds surrounding a single sapphire gem.


Rich Venus Cyalume Coord is a Celeb Cyalume Rare Coord from the brand Rich Venus. It first appeared in the Time 2017 Vol.4 Collection.


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