Ribbon Non Coord (リボンいっぱいのん) is a Lovely-type coord from the brand Twinkle Ribbon Sweet. It has not made an appearance in the anime yet.





A pale pink top covered with blue and white bow designs. A piece of white ruffled fabric lined in pink rests beneath it, along with a longer layer lined in gold to match the fabric on each shoulder. Four gold buttons adorn the chest and connect to two chains hanging from a sequined pink and gold ribbon. The pale blue sleeves are puffed with pink stripes and cuff, while pale blue fabric covers the middle of the chest with thin lines in the fabric. A white tie hangs from the collar. The skirt is in two layers with a solid pink peplum sewn over it, held by gold buttons. The first layer matches the top, while the second is solid white. Thick, light blue tails hang from the back of the skirt. On each wrist is a frilly pink accessory with a bow on the side.


Light blue and white pumps with a pink and white, star shaped heel. Pink frilly ribbon wrap around the foot and ankle, held by a sequined pink and gold ribbon. Pale blue stockings with thin white vertical lines are included, sewn with a white cuff lined in pink frills that also make up the included garter. Two small white bows adorn each garter strap. 


A white top hat with a light blue band and a sequined pink and gold ribbon sewn to the front corner. A gold heart rests in the middle.


Ribbon Non Coord is a Lovely Rare Coord from the brand Twinkle Ribbon Sweet. It first appeared in the Dream Theater 2017 Time Vol. 3.



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