Rei Ando
Kanji 安藤玲
Rōmaji Rei Andō
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Male
Eye Color Gray
Hair Color Black
Professional Statistics
Occupation Butler

Assistant Manager

Personal Status
Relatives Hibiki Shikyoin (master)
Anime Episode 50 - Fuwari, Girl of the Palps
Voice Actors
Japanese Takuma Terashima

Rei Ando (安藤玲 Andō Rei) is the butler of Hibiki Shikyoin.


Rei has long straight black hair, tied in a low ponytail and sharp gray eyes. The hair framing his face is cut straight and his bangs part in the front. Like Hibiki, he has noticeable eyelashes.

Like a regular butler, Rei is commonly seen wearing a suit and white gloves. He wears a light blue-violet vest under his coat and a white pocket handkerchief in the coat pocket.


Rei is a quiet and aloof man who appears to very loyal to Hibiki. As a butler he waits on Hibiki and is very obedient. He also appears to not be easily swayed as showed when Dorothy's "Max Beam" had no effect on him.


Hibiki Shikyoin - Rei's master. Rei appears to be very loyal to Hibiki, never questioning her actions or motives and instead goes along with them.


Ando (安藤 Andō): An () means peace or peacefulness and Dou ( fuji) means wisteria. This may refer to Hibiki as wisteria is a type of purple and Hibiki's surname contains the character for purple. Rei (): It could mean bell, bow, or order, all of which are related to Hibiki's role in Season 2, but the given kanji means the noise a bell makes. It could also be a pun on numbers, as it was used as the password to the burger joint right outside Pripara. An (Un) meaning one in French, Dou (Deux) meaning two in French, Rei (れい) is a way to say zero in Japanese.


  • He has to wear a Goat costume to enter PriPara.
    • One of Fuwari's goats likes Rei when he wears this costume.
    • After Hibiki's debut, his goat costume gained wings identical to the ones found on managers.
  • He got fired for informing Laala and the others about Hibiki's wish to become a vocal doll in Episode 84.
  • He is the second male character who can enter PriPara, after Leona, despite via unofficial methods.
  • He shares his voice actor with Usagi.
  • He shares his given name with Rei Kisaki from the Aikatsu Stars! series, Rei Kamishiro from the Aikatsu series, and DJ.Coo from Pretty Rhythm: Rainbow Live.
  • Unicorn gave him an Assistant Manager position, and a new name
  • Based on his GoaTicket, he is a Natural type, but that could just be the color of GoaTicket


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