Ran / Ran-tan
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Kanji 蘭たん
Rōmaji Ran-tan
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age Around 10
Eye Color Indigo
Hair Color Orange with a green streak and purple pigtails
Professional Statistics
Occupation Special Effects Make-Up Artist-in-Training
Affiliation PriPara
Personal Status
Relatives Unknown
Anime Episode 17 - Halloween Terror! Jack・OH! Ran-tan!
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuka Inokuchi

Ran, commonly referred to as Ran-tan (蘭たん Ran-tan) is a girl Laala met in Episode 17 who has a talent for special effects make-up.


Ran is a young girl with a small stature. She has large indigo eyes, straight and short orange hair with a green streak on her bangs and messy purple pigtails, and a little bat tattoo on her left cheek. When she opens her mouth little fangs can be seen. She has been described as being cute by many people.


Ran is a girl who tries to be scary, but often fails due to her cute appearance. She is somewhat mischievous yet is a very nice girl and very energetic. Ran loves horror and scary things and because of that she wants to make that her profession and become a special effects artist in Hollywood (which she refers to as "Horriwood"). However, because she couldn't scare anyone, Ran had lost confidence in herself, but with Laala's help she got it back.


Laala Manaka - Ran's friend and the person who helped her get her confidence. After helping Laala scare Dressing Pafé, Ran had felt more able in her pursuit to become a special effects make-up artist. She also designed the Halloween outfits for SoLaMi♡SMILE's performance as a thanks.


Ran () - Ran literally means orchid. "Ran" is also used a play on the "Lan" in "Lantern".


  • She has a tendency to say "-meow", and "see, see" (ほらほら hora hora) which can be considered a play on "horror, horror".
  • She is commonly referred to as "Ran-tan" which is a play on the word "Lantern".
  • When she speaks she mixes her words with fright instead of right and mixes other words with scary phrases.
  • She shares her given name with Ran Shibuki from the Aikatsu series.


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