RONI Style Fur Vest Coord (RONIファーベストスタイル) has not been worn by anyone, nor has it debuted in the anime. This coord is from the brand RONI. It is a Premium type coord. 





A royal blue sweater with pale blue lace wrists and neck collar. Worn over the chest is a furry beige-white vest with RONI wrote in sky blue. A beige-white ribbon is tied into a bow at the center. The skirt is a white two-layer with RONI wrote all over it. Lining each layer and band is a silky blue ribbon, with a bow on the side. A small heart rests in the middle of the bow. 


Beige-white boots with pale brown heel and bottom. RONI is wrote over the toe in gold, while beige-brown furry material goes up the sides of each boot. The ribbon ties up the boot as string and is the same color. Comes with very pale pink stockings with blue accessories and beauty supplies printed all over it. 


RONI Style Fur Vest Coord is a Premium Rare Coord from the brand RONI. It first appeared in 2015 3rd Live Collection.


Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
RONI Style Fur Vest Dress

RONI Cosmetics Husky Tights & Fur Boots


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