RONI Sparkly Pink Leopard Coord (RONIキラキラひょうがら) has not been worn by anyone, nor has it debuted in the anime. This coord is from the brand RONI. It is a Lovely type coord. 





A pale pink top with hot pink heart print is worn under a shiny pale beige jacket with brown and black jaguar print, along with RONI wrote in black. Fuchia accenting also covers the jacket. On each side of the stomach is a pink crystal heart with a single gold chain holding the jacket shut. At the neck is a very pale pink bow with RONI wrote in hot pink to match the heart gem right in the center. On each tail of the bow are three diamond gems. 


A hot pink two-layer tutu skirt with pale pink beneath it. The entire skirt is covered with pale pink-white ribbons tied into bows, with a solid strip of material on the side; where RONI is wrote in black.


Hot pink boots with glittering string and black sole. On the toe are three light pink gems, while on the very top is a bow with RONI wrote on it in black with a single pale pink gem in the center. 




RONI Sparkly Pink Leopard Coord is a Lovely Rare Coord from the brand RONI. It first appeared in the Encore Coord Limited Live.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
RONI Sparkly Pink Leopard Tops

RONI Fluffy Pink Leopard Skirt

RONI Pink Ribbon Lace-Up Shoes


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