Quilting Nino Coord (キルティングにの) is a Pop type coord from the brand Neon Drop. It has not been worn by anyone yet, nor has it debuted in the anime.





An orange, lime, and yellow quilted top with the frills lining it and a layered lapel, the top of which is solid white, while the lower half matches the torso. At the middle of the torso are white strips with two, gold diamond buttons. On the lower left corner of the lapel are three ornaments, including a colorful badge pin, a lime and gold star, and a red and gold decorated bow attached to the star by a beaded chain. Puffed sleeves are included with white border and a piece of scalloped fabric around the bottom. White cuffs are included with a trim of frills, as is an orange choker with a bow on it, adorned by a heart. White lines fabric sticks out at the chest, trim with lime ruffles.


A thickly pleated tutu matching the torso's fabric with a lining of bunched white material. The back portion is layered and cape like, while the inside is a pale yellow gradient. The waistband is solid white, and sewn to the corner are the decorations from the lapel.


White pumps with a fluffy green pom-pom sewn on top of the toe. Comes with yellow stockings that have a white scalloped cuff and a row of white, green, and orange bows sewn around it.


A quilted bow attached to a white pleated bow beneath it. In the middle is a fluffy white pom-pom.


Quilting Nino Coord is a Pop Rare coord from the brand Neon Drop. It first appeared in the Dream Theater 2017 Time Vol. 7.


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Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
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Quilting Nino Accessory

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