Purely☆Smiley (ピュアリ☆スマイリィ) is an arcade exclusive song.
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PriPara - Mikan 『purely☆smily 』-0

PriPara - Mikan 『purely☆smily 』-0

Kanji ピュアリ☆スマイリィ
Romaji Purely Smiley
Anime Information
Anime Insert Singers Mikan Shiratama
CD Information



Shiawase no tenshi mahō hora, kakeru yo
Kokoro sumairu ni nāre...

Tōi seki no anoko betsu no kurasu mo
Te to te tsunageba tomodachi
Reinbō no dekiagari

Watarou yo ranchi tabetara
Sora no ue kumori no ni
Min'na de utaou

Tenshi no mahō pyuari☆sumairi
Daisuki dayo ippai asobou
Pikapikana kimochi pyua ringu
Ureshī yo ne kimi no mawari egao de manpai ni nare

Ashita no sono mata tsugi no hi mo happī
Shinpai shinaide itsumo itsumo issho

Tsūgakudo mo taiikukan demo, hora...

幸せの天使魔法 ほら、かけるよ
心スマイルに なぁれ…

遠い席の あの子 別のクラスも
手と手繋げば 友達
レインボーの 出来上がり

渡ろうよ ランチ食べたら
空の上 曇りのに

天使の魔法 ピュアリ☆スマイリィ
大好きだよ いっぱい遊ぼう
ピカピカな 気持ち ピュアリング
嬉しいよね 君のまわり 笑顔で満杯になれ

明日のそのまた 次の日もハッピー
心配しないで いつも いつも 一緒

通学路も 体育館でも、ほら…

Look, at how the angel of happiness uses her magic
To make the heart smile

The child in the other class sits in a distant seat
Friends are always hand in hand
To complete the rainbow

After eating lunch we go across
The cloudy sky that is high above us
To sing with everyone

The angel of magic is purely☆smiley
She is filled with lots of love when she plays
Shiny feelings are a pure ring
As I'm glad that you are around when you fully smile

When tomorrow comes the next day will be happy
We will always, always be together so there is no need to worry

There is a school road that leads to a gym, you know...


  • This song is Mikan's image song.


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