Kanji プニコン
Rōmaji Punikon
Physical and Vital Information
Race Mascot
Gender Female
Eye Color Purple
Hair Color Pink
Yellow (Fur)
Professional Statistics
Occupation Mascot/Helper
Personal Status
Anime Episode 141 - I Became a Dreamy-Cute Idol!?
Voice Actors
Japanese Saki Yamakita

Punicorn (プニコン) is a mascot character in Idol Time PriPara and the current manager of Yui Yumekawa. She was born from an egg found by Yui after it fell out of the clock tower she and Laala were investigating.


A pale yellow mascot with big purple eyes and curled, pink hair that sticks up. Her ears are pink with pale blue inner-ear to match her horn, which is decorated with a pale pink bow adorned by a pale yellow star. Her tail is pink to match her hair. She wears a light blue collar and has gold wings like other managers.


Punicorn is an innocent-minded Mascot Manager. She is gentle and fairly simple, but affectionate and often gets ideas on how to help Yui.


  • Yui Yumekawa - The idol she manages. When Yui first saw Punicorn's egg, she tried to crack it with the intent of eating it. However, she hatched before it happened and stole her rice ball. Yui chased after her and snatched it back, but soon gave it back to her after realizing how hungry she was.


Punicorn is the combination of punipuni (プニプニ) meaning squishy, and unicorn.

Together, Punicorn means "squishy unicorn".


  • She is the first mascot to appear in Paparajuku's PriPara.
  • She shares her voice actress with Shion Todo and Shiko as well as Devi Fudo from Kiratto Pri☆Chan.
  • She is the second unicorn manager, with the first being Unicorn.
  • She is the first known manager who cannot say anything except her own name.
  • She is also the first manager shown being born.
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