Primavera Maiden's Release
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Kanji Name 解放乙女プリマベーラ
Romanized Name Kaihō otome purimabēra
Creator Sophie Hojo
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Sophie Hojo

Primavera Maiden's Release (解放乙女プリマベーラ Kaihō otome purimabēra) is new making drama used by Sophie Hojo in Episode 42.

Character Appearances


Standing in a dark area, Sophie holds up two different fruits before winking. She raises her arms, summoning several sets of cherries behind her, along with glowing sakura trees. She is revealed sitting on one of them, then jumps off to form a large pair of feathery wings. She flies towards the sky with pink beams of light, sparkles, and feathers flowing around her. She poses to reveal a picture of this scenery, including her fan club members and Cosmo.

Anime Appearance

Episode Image Performer/s
Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 10.23.54 AM

Sophie Hojo


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