PriTicket (Purichike) is a system at PriPara in which idols use a ticket with a Coord piece printed inside and try to collect the whole Coord to use in a performance, they can receive more PriTickets after preforming and exchanging Friends Ticket in which they receive a Coord piece from an another idol in exchange for their own and it's considered as a show of friendship. They are stored in a PriTicket Bag.

A useful feature of the PriTicket system is that if you own some Prism Stones you could transfer one into a PriTicket.


When the time is right a PriTicket appears for a girl/boy. It comes down with trail of sparkles that appears with the ticket, or it can just be found somewhere. (In a dog's fur, on your head, etc.)


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Shows the style changes in Prism Stones to PriTickets

PriTickets can be obtained from Prism Stones which were the clothing based collecting item for Pretty Rhythm series. When using a prism stone in the arcade machine, the arcade machine takes the prism stone and replaces it and puts it in PriTicket form. If you have a Lovely or Feminine prism stone, by default it turns into Lovely when put in the Arcade Machine. If you have a Pop or Ethnic stone, it turns into Pop. If you have a Cool or Sexy Stone, it turns to Cool. If you have a Star or a Surprise Stone, it turns to Premium. However, you can no longer use this function.

Apart from using Prism Stones, after doing a live you pick one coord piece to be printed onto a PriTicket. Additional PriTickets can be printed by inserting more yen. If you played Dream Theater, then you can pick one full coord to be printed.

A PriTicket can also be obtained using a 3DS, if you have the game Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live: Kira Kira My * Design. The arcade machine allows you to get PriTickets from the 3DS's QR codes.

PriTicket Colors

  • Lovely - Pink
  • Pop - Blue
  • Cool - Purple
  • Premium - Silver
  • Natural - Green
  • Celeb - Yellow


  • The Priticket color depends on the Coord Type.
  • Styles like Sexy, Ethnic and Feminine does not exist in the PriPara, unlike in the Pretty Rhythm-universe. They were blended with the current styles:
    • Lovely and Feminine,
    • Pop and Ethnic,
    • Cool and Sexy.
  • During Episode 12, it's shown that there is a traditional, three-way trading ceremony that girls must undergo before becoming an official unit.
  • In Episode 24, the PriTickets from around 20 years prior were known as "PriCoupons" and were cut with scissors, instead of being snapped off.
  • On the PriPara website it says regular PriTickets are 127mm tall and 61mm wide.
  • In Episode 17 the making of a coord into a PriTicket is revealed. Meganee Akai is given a design, which then creates a PriTicket.
  • In Episode 24, it was also revealed that PriTickets never expire.
  • Laala and Chiri received both received their PriTickets at Prism Stone.


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