PriParapedia Labyrinth
螢幕快照 2015-04-11 上午10.43.08
Kanji Name プリパラペディアラビリンス
Romanized Name Puriparapedia Raburinsu
Creator Aromageddon
Notable Performers
Idol(s) Mikan Shiratama & Aroma Kurosu

PriParapedia Labyrinth  (プリパラペディアラビリンス Puriparapedia Raburinsu) is a Making Drama first performed by  Aromageddon in Episode 40 of the anime.

In the game, it is performed by idols who wear Holic Trick coords since the 2015 series. This is the alternative drama type that rare coords could use only, while the previous Valkyrie Maiden's Release from Holic Trick can still be driven by normal coords.

Character Appearances


Aroma summons her book and proceeds to flip it open, reading something from it. It glows, releasing several gold and white medallions, red bows with pink roses, top hats, blue droplet gems, and several playing cards. Mikan appears on top of the pile with pink and violet gems appearing, along with purple butterflies and red roses before being sucked within the book. A large glowing blue magic circle appears before the area changes, forming a giant glowing castle with the Holic Trick sign in front of it and several heart ornaments. The girls appear, with Mikan now wearing two large cards to cover herself. Together they pose as the objects rain down again.

​Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
螢幕快照 2015-04-11 上午10.43.08




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