For the most recent Wiki Awards, please visit the 2nd PriPara Wiki Awards: Ashita no Shin Supasuta! page

The PriPara Wiki Awards are a new annual awards event, featuring the best of PriPara. The awards will be held annually to determine the wiki-fan favorites in the world of PriPara!


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1st PriPara Wiki Awards (January 2015) awards:

  • Currently, any character can qualify for their respective awards.
  • Episodes 1 - 27 qualify for the episodes category.
  • All coords currently qualify.
  • All songs currently qualify.

PriPara Chibi Wiki Awards: 1.5 Power! (February 2016) awards:

  • Only Season 1 Characters are eligable
  • Episodes 28 - 38 are eligable
  • Coords from episodes 28 - 38 can qualify
  • Songs f
    rom episodes 28 - 38 can qualify

2nd PriPara Wiki Awards: Ashita no Shin Supasuta! (April 2016) awards:

  • Season 2 and Season 1 Characters who appear in Season 2 are eligible
  • Episodes 39 - 89 are eligible
  • All Coords are eligible except for those who won in the 1st wiki awards
  • All songs that appear in Season 2 are eligible



  • Best Main Character
  • Best Supporting Character
  • Best Mascot Character
  • Best Anime Unit


  • Best Episode
  • Best Making Drama ((NEW))


  • Best Overall Song
  • Best Real Unit


Please note this important rule when it comes to Coords: Coords cannot win multiple times in awards EXCEPT for best Overall Coord. (so if a coord is nominated for Best lovely coord, they cannot be nominated/win any other category EXCEPT Best Overall Coord)

  • Best Overall Coord  
  • Best Anime Coord (can only be a coord that appeared in the Anime) 
  • Best Cyalume Coord 
  • Best Brand
  • Best Lovely Coord
  • Best Pop Coord
  • Best Cool Coord
  • Best Premium Coord
  • Best Natural Coord ((NEW))
  • Best Celeb Coord ((NEW))

Annual Awards

These awards only appear every now and then, and their appearance depends on the circumstance of the qualified pages.

  • Best Episode Arc (only appears if there are episode arcs or episodes with a coherant story)
  • Best Opening (only appears if there are enough entries)
  • Best Ending (only appears if there are enough entries)
  • Character of the Year (only appears once a year)
  • Song of the Year (only appears once a year)
  • Episode of the Year (only appears once a year)
  • Coord of the Year (only appears once a year)

Admin Honorable Mentions

Admins will select the Honorable Mentions which will be revealed during the live ceremony.


  1. Awards will be first announced, alongside available categories.
  2. The pre-nomination process will begin:
    1. Users can nominate their favorite coord/episodes/characters for some categories.
    2. Some categories will already have their nominees selected by admins and/or the Event Team (for example, the main characters will all be eligible for the Main Character Award).
  3. The nominees will be officially announced.
  4. Voting will begin on the official page for the awards.
  5. Voting process will close and the admins will begin their Honorable Mention selection process.
  6. Trophies will be made and the official results will be announced.
  7. Trophies will be uploaded to the official pages.

Award Ceremonies

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