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Idol Land PriPara!

Learn about "Idol Land PriPara", a web-series released alongside an upcoming mobile game!

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New Characters!

Meet the new characters, Amari Katasumi and Mario!

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A Sleeping Yui & A Determined Shougo

Something has happened to Yui! But what exactly? Come watch Idol Land PriPara to see how the story unfolds!

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PriPara is officially airing Season 3! Go check out the latest episodes by clicking here. Or you can check out the wiki pages of the episodes to see screenshots and other info!

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PriPara (Prism Paradise) is the sister show to the popular Pretty Rhythm series. The first episode aired on July 5th, 2014.

The new anime is set in the PriPara world, filled with girls' dreams for fashion, dance, and music. Every day, there are auditions that send top idols to worldwide fame on television and online. However, Laala's school prohibits Pri-Para for elementary school children. An unexpected chance leads Laala to make her first entrance into the world of PriPara, where she will make her debut. PriPara is also a new game which is replacing Pretty Rhythm. Like Pretty Rhythm, PriPara has an anime which is based off of the game, and has a story line to it. The main characters, Laala, Mirei, and Sophy, are also on the game.

This show is completely owned by Takara Tomy. All anime information and anime art belongs to them. For more info, here's their official site for PriPara!


Season 1

Season 2

Season 3

Idol Time PriPara

Idol Land PriPara

Latest Episode

The latest episode was ILPP Episode 01 - I-mari Became an Idol!. This episode aired August 18, 2021. The insert song used was Chaotic Hurricane, which is performed by Amari Katasumi.

OPEN DREAM LAND End Frame.png Idol Amari Eyecatch.png Dressy Ruby Coord.png Chaotic Hurricane 22.jpg

Featured Page

Normal Amari Eyecatch.pngIdol Amari Eyecatch.png

Our featured page is Amari Katasumi!
Amari is the main protagonist of Idol Land PriPara. Her dream is to become a sparkling idol, and she owns a notebook reflecting that dream. She encounters Laala for the first time and is eventually invited into the PriPara world, and she does her first performance as an idol, performing the song Chaotic Hurricane.
Her preferred brand is Hysteric Bunny.

Featured Coord

Our featured coord is the My☆Dream Milky Orange Coord!

The My☆Dream Milky Orange Coord is from the brand Neon Drop and is worn by Nino Nijiiro as her first team coord for MY☆DREAM.

60.jpg 68.jpg

More information about this coord and many more can be found in the PriPara Arcade Game.

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Series News

Pripara Arcade Game:

Exclusive songs are being released, including SuSuSuSu Genius Smile and Forever Friends ~A Miracle of a 1/74 Billion Chance~.

Anime & Media:

Fans are also getting to know Mia's sister, Shuuka Hanazono'


  • The first Idol Time PriPara 3DS game is coming out!

Featured Videos

The new OP for Idol Time is OPEN DREAM LAND!, and is sung by SoLaMi♡SMILE.


🎀「アイドルランドプリパラ」オープニング『OPEN DREAM LAND!』ノンテロップver.

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