PriPara Song♪Collection 1st Stage
PriPara Song♪Collection 1st Stage
Kanji プリパラソング♪コレクション 1stステージ
Romaji Puripara Songu♪Korekushon 1st sutēji
Artist i☆Ris
Yui Watanabe
Yui Makino
Asami Sanada
Minami Tanaka
Released December 23rd, 2016
Genre J-Pop

PriPara Song♪ Collection 1st Stage is the 3rd album collection for the third season. It was released on December 23rd, 2016.

Featured Singers


  1. Triangle・Star
  2. Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah!
  3. Run♪ for Jumping!
  4. Amazing· Castle
  5. Triangle・Star (Instrumental)
  6. Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah! (Instrumental)
  7. Run♪ for Jumping! (Instrumental)
  8. Amazing・Castle (Instrumental)


Ver. Song Duration Audio
Vocal Triangle・Star 4:27
01. Triangle Star
Vocal Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah! 3:19
02. Charismart Girl☆Yeah!
Vocal Run♪ for Jumping! 4:42
03. Run♪ for Jumping!
Vocal Amazing· Castle 4:29
04. Amazing Castle
Instrumental Triangle・Star 4:27
05. Triangle Star -inst-
Instrumental Charismatic GIRL☆Yeah! 3:19
06. Charismart Girl☆Yeah! -inst-
Instrumental Run♪ for Jumping! 4:42
07. Run♪ for Jumping! -inst-
Instrumental Amazing· Castle 4:27
08. Amazing Castle -inst-



  • This is the first album to feature Triangle.

Video Gallery

「プリパラソング♪コレクション 1stステージ DX」試聴動画

「プリパラソング♪コレクション 1stステージ DX」試聴動画

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