PriPara Producer Power!
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Event Start October 31st, 2015
Event End February 6th, 2016
Organizer Mikitty092393
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Previous Event Project PriPara Runway: Coords no Kogeki!
Next Event PriPara Chibi Wiki Awards: 1.5 Power!
PriPara Producer Power! is the sixth PriPara Wiki event and the first ever RPG styled event. The event turns users into PriPara Producers who produce thier own orignal Idol. The event began on October 31st.

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Producer Information

  • Producers must take the form of a PriPara Mascot (Bear, Rabbit, Unicorn, Cat, Bird, or Squirrel) but can be re-colored to your choice
  • You will primarily potray your producer though the entire thing. 

Idol Information

  • Idols are created by you and must be original characters.
  • An Idol is designed by the user.
  • Each Idol will level up though events, gigs, and prep.

RPG System

PPP uses a Level/EXP/Stats (RPG System) system for your idol. Each idols have stats which consist of;

  • EXP: Experience Points
  • Song: Singing Skills (Best in Performance)
  • Dance: Dancing Skills (Best in Performance)
  • Model: Modeling Skills (Best in Runway/Campaign)
  • Personality: Personality Level (Best in Variety Show)
  • Intel: Intelligence Level (Best in Quiz Show)

Stats could effect any Auditions, Gigs, Bonuses, or EXP you can enter/gain. The higher reward Gigs/Auditions have to be entered with certain requirements, such as minimum of 10 Dance or minimum Level 5. So stats are MAJORLY IMPORTANT!

Your idols will gain EXP through auditions, Prep, and gigs. if you get 20 EXP, you will level up and it will reset back to 0. When you level up, your stats will increase by 1 and your specialty will increase by 2. When you hit a level divisible by 5 however, you will gain +2 in all stats and +3 in your specialty.

You will gain stat upgrades (such as +2 in song for participating in a vocal lesson) after participating in Prep. Additionally thought the event, there will be bonuses available! Sometimes they will be temporary Bonuses that you can gain though Gigs and Auditions 

Stat Types

Vocal Dolls

  • Vocal Dolls have a specialty in Song.

Dancing Queen

  • Dancing Queens have a specialty in Dance

Model Citizen

  • Model Citizens have a specialty in Model

Chat Princess

  • Chat Princesses have a specialty in personality

Honor Roll Gal

  • Honor Roll Gals have a specialty in Intel

Buddy Idols

During the Event, there will be opportunities where users can get a chance to unlock PriPara idols to use in team events. These Idols can be used for Team Auditions or Gigs. They can be unlocked though Gigs, Auditions or even Preps.

Event Team Idols

Though the event, the Event Team hosts and organizes the Auditions and Gigs. However each of the Event Team have thier own Idols that they potray in the event:

Producers and Idols

Producers and Idols

User Producer Idol Type
Hanako Inoue Hanako Kira Starshine Model Citizen
Loveairaharune Cherry Amane Miyamoto Model Citizen
Tomochin Kujaku Himawari Hoshizora Chat Princess
PriPara Maya Aya Suzumoto Vocal Doll
Williukea Kotori Akira hanae Vocal Doll
Animehime94 Rikka Hikari Hoshino Vocal Doll
SingMeloetta Hime Madeline Sycamore Vocal Doll
Ivanly912 Kujarine Michiko Manaka

Vocal Doll

MikuruMiracle Emerald Mirai Orora Model Citizen
AngelicMoonlight Porangel Ringo Alamode Vocal Doll
GanbareHannahChan Kishi Akari Hoshiiro Dancing Queen
Phoenixcandyrose Galaxy Lily Diona Vocal Doll
Strawberry Akari Mochi Rika Suzuki Chat Princess
Amazing e Echan Kazuko Hiroshi Vocal Doll
Nattysakura Channel Ladybug Ribbon Preciosa Third Coco Natsumo Vocal Doll
xShadowFlash Mitsuki Ai Kurayami Vocal Doll
DivinitasX Divis Aleksandra Chiura Honor Roll Gal
Dragi-Lichoue Kitsune Kai Tenshi Vocal Doll
Aira x Shou Nina Aira Maeda Model Citizen
AbiElectro-PrismixGirl Absie Ai Shukuta Dancing Queen
ManekiNekotchi Hana Ducki Vocal Doll
Hikaru Kinhana Misty Kiyoko Amaterasu Vocal Doll
SecretAnimeLover Dee Dee Leah Clockwise Dancing Queen
Raspberry*Nightmare Kyoko Takahashi Kyoko Takahashi Vocal Doll
Kiralyn6 Raippi Miyuki Vocal Doll