PriPara Nurse Healing Coord (プリパラナースいやし) is a Natural-type coord from the brand CoCo Flower that has been first worn by Fuwari Midorikaze in Episode 67. This coord has been first seen in the anime in the opening Bright Fantasy and was worn by Fuwari Midorikaze. PriPara Nurse Prayer Coord and PriPara Nurse Peace Coord are similar to it.


Episode Image User
Episode 67
螢幕快照 2015-10-19 下午05.42.04
Fuwari Midorikaze



A split tank-top of fuchsia and pale pink with a white line separating the colors. On top of it is a matching styled vest with the colors switching sides; one of which has white lines while the other has pale blue lace and buttons. A single fuchsia flap pocket rests on the right of the chest to hold the pale pink stethoscope. The collar is fuchsia with pale blue accent, while the white flap below it has two lines - one of fuchsia, the other of yellow. On the back of the top is a pair of white chibified angel wings. On each arm is a sleeve of light pink with a single white line below the white and fuchsia diagonal-cut cuff. Wrapped around the left upper cuff is a pale blue arm band to match the cuff on each wrist. Sewn to the wrist cuff is white lace and a single angels wing.


A three layer skirt, with the top two resembling a tutu. The top skirt is fuchsia with pale pink on the side with glitter and two white lines around it to separate the coloring. The second layer is a switch in colors but otherwise the same. The final skirt layer is pale blue with horizontal white lines and a design of circles and hearts tracing the hem. The belt around the waist is white with a white and pink heart-shaped pouch depicting a winged heart.


Pink, fuchsia, and white pumps with a winged heart ornament. Comes with pale blue stockings covered with white, blue, fuchsia, and pink capsules and a ribbon of white wrapping around both legs. Hanging from the right leg is a white shot with pink liquid in it, held by a white and blue striped bow.


A white nurse brim with a row of yellow hearts lined by two, pale blue lines. In the center is a pink and white heart lined in pale yellow, while on the left side is a single, small wing. Pale blue lace lines the top of the hat.


PriPara Nurse Healing Coord is a Rare natural-type coord from the brand CoCo Flower. It first appeared in the 2015 Series Promotional Coords.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
PriPara Nurse Healing Top

PriPara Nurse Healing Bottoms

PriPara Nurse Healing Shoes

PriPara Nurse Healing Hair Accessory

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