PriPara Coordinater Select!
Event Start October 12, 2016
Event End December 1st, 2016
Organizer Mikitty092393
Event Guide
Previous Event Team Pri~Mystery and the case of the Chaos in Parajuku!
Next Event PriPara Capicon 2! (held alongside Coordinater Select)


PriPara Coordinater Select! is a coordination event organized by Mikitty092393. In this event, users are employees at the PriPara Elite Event Inc. who coordinate complete events which can include the idol, the coords, and many other variables.


  • Users must follow all rules. Rules can be added by the event organizer at anytime
  • Users must treat the event team and each other with respect. Any form of arguing, bullying, or demeaning will result in a punishment which can include beign dropped from the event, a temporary ban on the wiki or even a full ban on the wiki.



Each week, users will be given a set of demands and a theme. Then the users will be told what they need to pull together to organize the event. Users will publish thier responses into the comment section


The following are some of the categories users will be selecting for the events.

  • Idol
  • Unit
  • Coord
  • Brand
  • Songs
  • Making Drama
  • Stage

Elite Event

When a round is published, there is a secret combination created by the event team which is concidered the most ideal event. If a users submits thier event and it matches a certain number of the Elite Event categories, then it will be concidered a match and a prize will be awarded to the user. Prizes can be extra stars, graduations, promotions and ect.

Judging System

Our judging system is as follows:

  • Each category is judged and may or may not earn a star. In each category they may earn only 1 star
  • Along with the categories, there is a set of 3 Overall categories. In these categories, users may earn 2 stars each.
    • Theme: Does the event fit the theme?
    • Criteria: Does the event fit the demands?
    • Coordination: How well do all of the peices fit together?
  • Additionally, users will also get a chance to get 2 bonus stars for using the specially constructed template. (This is optional due to the complexity of the template itself)
  • Overall users can gain a maximum of 15 stars per round.

Promotion System

  • This will be the goal for each user, to be promoted to the President of the company. Users will be promoted for each 10 stars they earn.


  • Alisona310
  • Anime~chan13
  • Amazing e
  • Amypop8
  • AoiSaya017
  • CandyPoppu123
  • CFMisaki
  • Chrismh
  • DivinitasX
  • Gumblinasuv46
  • HappyHappy123
  • Hickmanm
  • Inuyasha-titan
  • LabraPuri
  • L44486e
  • MayaAurora~
  • Melxdycchi
  • MidnightManacchi
  • Mitsuki Kisaragi`San
  • Miyumi taki-chan
  • Nattysakura
  • NightBellRose
  • Panda Kyute
  • Poppin' Angel
  • Rinne9274
  • Sprinkle126
  • Williukea

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