PriPara Capicon-Pri-! 2!
Event Start October 10, 2016
Organizer Chrismh
Event Guide
Previous Event Team Pri~Mystery and the case of the Chaos in Parajuku!
Next Event PriPara Coordinater Select! (Held alongside Capicon 2)


PriPara Capicon-Pri! 2 (also known as Capicon 2) is a special, little Wiki Event that involves users creating captions to fit the randomized Screenshots provided to them.

Due to unforseen circumstances, Capicon 2 was canceled. Capicon 3 is currently being considered.


There are few Rules for the event:

  • Only one entry can be used per round.
  • Users are not allowed to edit their entries once they submit it, unless its to fix their grammar or because their response got cut off somewhere. Anything marked "edited" will be investigated.
  • Act maturely with votes, points, and other users. Flaming or mean messages to one-another will not be tolerated and you will risk being kicked out of the competition.
  • You must have signed up prior to round 1 to take part in this event.
  • For voting you are NOT allowed to select your own entry. It wouldn't be fair sportsmanship if everyone did that.


Each round will go for a few days, with one or two days being used for voting. We fit two rounds each week, so keep in mind how tight the schedule is.


This is done in the form of a polling site to keep votes anonymous. Everyone should keep in mind: 

  • Humor: Was it funny?
  • How well the response is Written: Does it look like the person took their time and came up with something clever? Or did they rush and use something generic that you're bored of?

Each User Entered before Monday, October 10 will start off with 5 points. However, there are a few ways they may lose points:

  • Due to the voting system, entering late isn't allowed. Anyone who doesn't post before the time is up will lose 1 point.
  • Anything inappropriate for the Wiki is forbidden and the user will lose 2 points for it.
  • If a User is caught editing their entry (for reasons other than grammar or because something went wrong with the message) they will lose 2 points.

If a Users points drop beneath or to 0, they will be removed from the competition for their lack of responsibility.

Participating users

  • HappyHappy123
  • Priparis Debut
  • Hickmanm
  • Amazing e
  • AngelicMoonlight
  • L44486e
  • Williukea
  • Poppin' Angel
  • Melxdycchi
  • Wind rider33
  • Sprinkle126
  • NightBellRose
  • Rinne9274
  • CureHibiki
  • Anime~chan13
  • CandyPoppu123
  • Kurukuru-chan1
  • Usagi Kawausa Hishikawa
  • Amypop8
  • MayaAurora~
  • Mitsuki Kisaragi-San
  • MidnightManacchi
  • Ivanly912
  • Miyumi taki-chan
  • LeonaWest

Official End of Event Rankings


Round 1