PriPara☆Dancing!!! (Single)
Kanji プリパラ☆ダンシング!!!
Romaji PuriPara☆Danshingu!!!
Format Single
Artist Himika Akaneya
Asami Sanada
Released June 22th, 2016
Genre J-Pop

PriPara☆Dancing!!! (プリパラ☆ダンシング!!!) is the 7th ED CD single for the PriPara series and is also the first for the third season. It will be released in both digital and physical format on June 22th, 2016.


  1. PriPara☆Dancing!!!
  2. PriPara☆Dancing!!! TV size
  3. PriPara☆Dancing!!! Linked Mike ver
  4. PriPara☆Dancing!!! inst.

Featured Singers


Ver. Song Duration Audio
Vocal PriPara☆Dancing!!! 4:26
01. PriPara ☆ Dancing!!!
Vocal PriPara☆Dancing!!! TV size 1:32
02. PriPara ☆ Dancing!!! (TV Size)
Vocal PriPara☆Dancing!!! Linked Mike ver 1:33
03. PriPara ☆ Dancing!!! (Linked Mike ver)
Instrumental PriPara☆Dancing!!! inst. 4:26
04. PriPara ☆ Dancing!!! (inst.)


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