Powder Snow Crystal Coord (コズミックダンスブルーベア) has not appeared in the anime as of yet. It is a Lovely type from the brand Marionette Mu. It is a recolor of Sugar Fruit Tea Coord and Milk Fruit Tea Coord. It also has similarities with the Beauty Makeup Coffret Coord from Twinkle Ribbon.





A blouse composed of several flecks of color, these being cyan, white, pale purple, indigo, pale blue-white, pale gray, and dark blue. The torso is white with a frilled piece of blue material lining the bottom, and a thick light indigo ruffled material on top of it. The main portion of shirt is a light indigo with many white lines and frills, along with a white ruffled hem line around the top and bottom. At the center of the chest is blue coloring with a blue bow to match the blouse, lined in purple. Around the neck is a pastel blue ruffled piece of material with a single white line tracing the hem. The three layer-cuff attached to each sleeve comes in indigo, pastel blue, and white, attached to a thin strap of blue. The white glove has two cuff-layers, one of light blue and one of indigo.


A multi-layer skirt. The waist band is solid white to match the bunched up ruffled material lining the first skirt layer, which is dark blue with a pattern of white stars coming in two sizes. At each corner is a sky blue ribbon with white lining and material to match the blouse. The second skirt is composed of the color flecks to match the blouse, but with a scallop-shaped blue tulle lining and a larger blue and purple snowflake pattern on top of it. The next layer is a pale indigo semi-pleat with a white line around the hem, followed by a pale blue tulle petticoat.


Heels composed of the flecked color design. Comes with blue to pale indigo gradient stockings with white and pale blue snowflakes and dots all over it to resemble a snowy scene. The cuff is white lace, adorned with several tiny sky blue bows.


Powder Snow Crystal Coord is a Lovely Special Rare Coord from the brand Marionette Mu. It first appeared in the November 2015 Millefaui Collection Vol. 9.



Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Powder Snow Crystal Top

Powder Snow Crystal Dress

Powder Snow Crystal Heel


Official Arts

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