Pink Shiny Ribbon Coord has been worn by Aira Harune in Episode 1 of the anime. This coord is from the brand Pretty Rhythm, and it is a Lovely Type coord.


Aira Harune



A black sleeveless top with tiny silver buttons and a pink bow pattern. A pink vest is worn over this with a single white bow and lining of very pale pink. Comes with black gloves with three pink rings on the wrist.


A pink three-layer pleat skirt worn with a black belt lined with tiny silver studs and buckle. 


Black boots with two white rings below the cuff attached to a bow. 


A big black ribbon tied into a bow. 


Pink Shiny Ribbon Coord is a Rare Lovely Coord from the brand Pretty Rhythm. It first appeared in the 2014 Limited Live.


  • This is Aira Harune's Unit Coord for MARs in Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream, but also her Saints unit coord in PriPara.


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Pink Shiny Ribbon Vest

Pink Shiny Ribbon Skirt

Ribbon Lined Long Boots

Black Ribbon Hairpiece

Official Arts

Anime Screenshots

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