Pastry Sweet Chocolate Coord (パティシエスイートチョコ) is a Lovely-type coord from the brand Silky Heart. It has not appeared in the anime yet. It resembles the Patisserie Valentine Coord.





A very pale cream-colored blouse with a brown vest worn over it, accent by strips of white frill material with hearts cut out of it. The sleeve cuff is light brown with thin, pale brown lines and a gem sewn to the center. Two gem hearts rest beneath the collar, which is lined by dark brown frills with hearts cut out, matching those lining the sleeve cuff. Dark brown ruffled material sticks out from the bottom, while draped around the neck and hanging from the back is a glittering dull red fabric lined with brown frills that have hearts cut out. A gold crown shape rests at the middle of the chest with the glittering fabric hanging beneath it, lined with pale cream frills. Brown ruffled wrist pieces are included with a ribbon tied around it.


A skirt in two layers resting over a dark brown petticoat with tiny holes cut out. The top skirt is a brown tutu lined in dark brown, with the folds shaped like a heart coated in dark red glitter. The portion beneath it is pale cream with a ribbon tied around it and into a loose bow on the lower corner. A light brown curling line and heart motif lines the ruffled hem.


Brown pumps with a light brown bow with shiny striped material sewn into them on back of the heel. Comes with pale cream knee-socks that have the same bow sewn on top of the foot, with three layers of fabric hanging from it. In the center is a gem heart on a gold frame. On the side of the leg are brown dots. The cuff is curved in shape to match the tutu from the skirt.


A pale cream chef hat with a thick band of glittering, dull red ribbon wrapped around it. A matching bow is titled at the corner with a brown heart in the center, accent by several light brown curled strands.


Pastry Sweet Chocolate Coord is a Lovely-type Super Rare Coord from the brand Silky Heart. It first appeared in the 2016 Series Divine Idol Promotional Coords


Official Coord

Top Bottom Shoes Accessory
Pastry Sweet Chocolate Top

Pastry Sweet Chocolate Skirt

Pastry Sweet Chocolate Shoes

Pastry Sweet Chocolate Accessory

Official Arts

Anime Screenshots

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