Paradise Coord in Episode 25

The components of the Paradise Coord.

The Paradise Coord (パラダイスコーデ Paradaisu Kōde) is said to be the best coord in all of PriPara. It is unknown who created it, but the coord is currently separated and each part of the coord will be distributed to the winner(s) of certain competitions. If a winner wins another competition, the won piece from the former winner(s) of the previous contest will be given to the new winner(s). The Paradise Coord is SoLaMi♡SMILE's second goal next to becoming Divine Idols.

This coord is a brandless coord, and its style type is unknown.

Coord Pieces

  • Paradise Shoes (パラダイスシューズ Paradaisu Shūzu
  • Paradise Tiara (パラダイスティアラ Paradaisu Tiara)
  • Paradise Dress (パラダイスドレス Paradaisu Doresu)

Paradise Coord Prix (ParaPri)

Christmas Idol Grand Prix

The Christmas Idol Grand Prix (クリスマスアイドルグランプリ Kurisumasu Aidoru Guran Puri) is the first of the Paradise Coord competitions, in which the Paradise Shoes (パラダイスシューズ Paradaisu Shūzu) will be given to the winners. As taken from the name, the Grand Prix took place during the month of December; and was the focus of Episode 25.




Unnamed ParaPri #2

The second Paradise Coord competition, in which the Paradise Tiara (楽園の靴 Paradaisu Tiara) will be given to the winners. The new winner (s) will be given the Paradise Shoes and Tiara. This was the focus of Episode 26.


Winner (s)


Unnamed ParaPri #3

The third and the last Paradise Coord competition, in which the Paradise Dress (楽園のドレス Paradaisu doresu) will be given to the winner (s). The winner (s) will be given the full set. This was the focus of Episode 30.




Faruru wins the Paradise Coord set by doing 7 making dramas at one performance.

SoLaMi Dressing vs Faruru

This was focus on Episode 35, which Faruru wagers Paradise Coord as the one who got the most votes after the performance wins.


Winner (s)


SoLaMi♡Dressing wins the Paradise Coord back as the results of getting more votes from the fans than Faruru.


Episode Image User
螢幕快照 2015-02-06 下午10.21.35
35 SoLaMi♡Dressing

Coord Highlights

"I'll be praying for the legendary Paradise Coord to glow tonight. Laala's hair is adorned with the gloriously glittering Paradise Tiara."

"and Mirei has these star-spangled pop-style ribbons."

"And Sophie has this wonderfully ladylike tiny hat."

"And Dorothy has this captivating star jewel accessory."

"And Leona isn't far behind on that. The Pearls accenting the tips of the star are wonderful."

"And Shion has this hard-looking metallic feather hairpin."



A white dress with thin lines in the material on the torso and two layers of pale pink ribbons coated in glitter, the top being larger than the bottom. Around the waist is a solid white band with a pearl-pink bow sewn to the front of it. The skirt is divided into five sections, the top of which is shaped as two giant petals lined with a row of pink pearls. The remaining skirts are semi-pleat alternating between pale pink and white. Comes with a white collar adorned with pink pearls and a single gem, along with white gloves that have pale pink ribbon wrapped around them. After a cyalume change is performed successfully, the dress gains a large bow at the back.


White boots with pink pearls lining the sole to match the ribbon wrapped around the ankle and leg. The cuff is made of a semi-pleat material.

Paradise Tiara

A tiara composed of curly lines and diamond gems, at the center is curly line shaped like a heart with a heart diamond in the center surrounded by smaller diamonds. On top of it is a diamond, club-shape. The band of the tiara is two rows of tiny diamonds with a lines shaping a single wing on each side of the head. 

Paradise Ribbon

A big white hair bow with three pearl stars on each side with a pearl in the center. At the middle of the bow are three rows of pearls. 

Paradise Hat

A small white miniature cap with a very pale pink silk ribbon attached to it. At the center of the bow are six pearls with two white layers of pleated material attached. 

Paradise Feather

A very pale pink clip with a backwards pearl crescent moon with a pale pink pearl attached. On the clip are two big pearled wings. 

Paradise Star D and Star R

A very pale pink star with a pearl on each of the five tips. 


  • The practice of having to win tournaments to collect pieces of one "legendary" coord has been in the PriPara/Pretty Rhythm franchise since Aurora Dream.
    • The "legendary" Coords are the Wedding Dress Series (Aurora Dream), the Symphonia Series (Dear My Future), and the Seventh Coord (Rainbow Live).
      • The Seventh Coord, however, was not distributed in competitions, and were instead achieved by the main characters as they performed a Prism Live with their Pair Friend.

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Official Coord

Dress Shoes Accessory
Paradise Dress

Paradise Shoes

  • Paradise Tiara (Laala & Faruru)
  • Paradise Ribbon (Mirei)
  • Paradise Hat (Sophie)
  • Paradise Feather (Shion)
  • Paradise Star D (Dorothy)
  • Paradise Star R (Leona)
Paradise Tiara, Ribbon, Hat, Feather, Star D, and Star R

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