Kanji パック
Rōmaji Pakku
Physical and Vital Information
Species Mascot
Gender Male
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Light Blue
Professional Statistics
Occupation Manager
Personal Status
Anime Episode 158 - Grand Prix! Escort to Victory (Cameo Appearance)
Episode 165 - Dreamy-dream! A Time Slip (Official Debut)
Voice Actors
Japanese Yuki Wakai
Image Gallery

Pakku (パック) is a mascot in Idol Time PriPara and is the current manager of Galala. He aids Galala with preventing Falala from waking up by eating the dreams of other people.

At the end of Episode 186, Pakku ate the entire clock tower in order to transform himself into a giant monster and plans to destroy PriPara.


Pakku is a light blue Baku with blue eyes. He has small ears with mint green ear hair and has standard mascot wings. He wears a light green nightcap with stars all over it and a light green ribbon with a yellow star in the center worn on his back.


Pakku is very determined and protective of Galala. As his first friend, Galala meant a lot to him due to the time they spent together being only them. He is willing to do anything to help her. He gets jealous when he sees that Galala is hanging out with other people without him.


  • Galala- Pakku is Galala's PriPara manager. Galala became close with Pakku because they were similar. Pakku's egg was left alone in a basket and Galala was also alone until she found the egg. She aided in hatching Pakku, and after he hatched, they became best friends. Pakku has a strong desire to protect Galala.


Pakku (パック) - The name is derived from the name, Baku, which is a spirit that devours dreams and nightmares. This refers to his ability to eat dreams and nightmares.


  • He shares his voice actress with Leona West and Suzu.
  • If he eats too many dreams, he withdraws.
    • An example of this is when he tried to eat all of Yui's dreams in episode 165.

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