One Thousand and One Nights, Secret Miyabi
Ep 120 31
Kanji Name 千夜 一夜シークレットMIYABI
Romanized Name Sen-yo ichiya shīkuretto MIYABI
Creator NonSugar
Notable Performers
Idol(s) NonSugar

One Thousand and One Nights, Secret Miyabi is a Making Drama first used by NonSugar in Episode 120.

Character Appearances


NonSugar is seen flying through a town at night. Chiri flies ahead before revealing 2 koi fish and flying through them. Pepper and Non fly through the fish right after Chiri. They are then seen floating above the city. A flower floats by Chiri, grabbing her attention and the flower blooms, revealing a door where Non and Pepper are standing. The door opens revealing an Arabian palace shortly before NonSugar flies in on a flying carpet. They then stop and wave their peacock feathers.

Anime Appearances

Episode Image Performer/s
Ep 120 31


  • This is NonSugar's first Making Drama.


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