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Non Manaka
Non New.png
Kanji 真中 のん
Rōmaji Manaka Non
Physical and Vital Information
Species Human
Gender Female
Age 9-10
Eye Color Purple-Gray
Hair Color Lavender
Professional Statistics
Occupation Idol
Student in Paprika Private Academy
Affiliation NonSugar

Papa's Pasta

Personal Status
Relatives Laala Manaka (Sister)

Mrs. Manaka (Mother)
Mr. Manaka (Father)

Anime Episode 01 - I Became an Idol!
Voice Actors
Japanese Minami Tanaka
Image Gallery

Non Manaka (真中 のん Manaka Non) is the younger sister of Laala Manaka. Non began as a supporting character in PriPara's first season, and later became a main character in Season Three. She is a 4th grade elementary school student and fan of Pink Actress, as well as a fan of Faruru, Aromageddon, and Fuwari Midorikaze.

Kanon is her first form, Pinon is her second form, and Junon is her third form. After revealing her final form, she rarely goes back to her previous forms.


Non outside of PriPara

Non shares her mother's and Laala's appearance. She has medium-length lavender hair worn in a side-tail held with a light turquoise scrunchie. Her eyes are dull purple.

In Non's final form, she retains her eye and hair color but has become taller, with her hair worn in a very long and curling side-tail.


Non's Plans

Non is a bright and clever girl who excels in everything she does. She is playful and scheming behind the scenes with drive and ambition. She approaches her dream with a careful plan supported by analysis and logic.

She holds a high standard for herself and diligently works to achieve and surpass that standard.

Non seems to enjoy physical activity, even taking precautions to play unrestricted. She loves idols and is always informed and up to date concerning developments. She applies this in other areas as well, recognizing the value of information.

She is crafty and cunning, using all the tools in her disposal to its maximum efficiency to service her ambition. She knows what to do, what to use, and what to say to get the result that she wants. Unfailingly strategic being Machiavellian at times, she reveals her hand slowly, keeping her intentions in the dark then striking like lightning. She courts attention and uses presentation to push her advantage. She made great use of the Solami Smile power vacuum at the end of Season 3 actually surpassing all the other groups and becoming the #1 idols in Parajuku's Pripara.

She is incredibly flexible, capable of thinking on the spot with snap judgements. Always improving and re-creating herself. She can synergize well with her subordinates and is a natural leader.

In short, she is a highly intelligent trickster driven by cold logic and burning ambition, wielding tremendous power, influence, and authority underneath a cute exterior.


  • Laala Manaka - Her older sister. Non lectures Laala many times, and she is more mature then her. She looks up to Laala and want to surpass her one day. She sees her as a rival too.
  • Mrs. Manaka - Her mother.
  • Mr. Manaka - Her father.
  • Janice - Was shown being able to relate to her due to their matching complex with their older sisters.
  • Chiri Tsukikawa - Her teammate in NonSugar. Right away they got off to a bad start; as Chiri is very bold and sharp-tongued and tries to make things go her way which clashes with Non's more reserved and headstrong personality. They bickered at first but eventually came to be friendly towards each other and work well together.
  • Pepper Taiyou - Her teammate in NonSugar. They are similar in ways. Non keeps her in line with respected authority.
  • Usacha - Non's manager in PriPara. They both share the same ambitions, using the same drive and talent to achieve their goals.

Significant Coords


  • Her name means "No" in French and music or sound in Japanese.


  • Her spiritual animal is a Bunny.
  • Non's hairstyle is similar with Eru and Uru HaruneAira's younger twin sisters from Pretty Rhythm: Aurora Dream.
  • Non's voice actress, Minami Tanaka, also plays Hana N. Fountainstand from Hanayamata.
  • She tends to address Faruru as Faruru-sama due to her admiration to her.
  • Non was shown getting a PriTicket in the opening of Episode 90 with a PriPass in Episode 91.
  • Her birthday falls on September 6th, making her Virgo.
    • September 6 is Sisters Day in Japan.
  • When Usacha imagined her, Pepper and Chiri as 'Rock, Paper, Scissors', she was Scissors.
  • Her voice actress, Minami Tanaka, has covered BOY MEETS GIRL, Pretty Rhythm Rainbow Live's OP alongside Ayaka Suwa for Assassination Classroom cover songs (as Hinata Okano and Tōka Yada respectively).
  • Her coord change and her pre-Making Drama pose are based off of her Kanon form.
  • She is the first major Season 3 character to be shown in the anime.
  • She shares her voice actress with Rabbily from Kiratto Pri☆Chan