NonSugar Two Tone Dots Coord (ノンシュガーツートンドット) is a coord from the brand Dear Crown. It has not been seen in the anime. This coord resembles the NonSugar Elegant Coord and the NonSugar Lawson Coord.





A black top with large white polka-dot print and the bottom in two layers, accent by a gray ruffle held by a gray ribbon. The first layer matches the top, while the second is gray. Going down the middle is a white flap lined in gray with three, silver gem hearts. A white pleat piece of material circles the shoulders and top of the chest, lined in gray, while sewn to the neck is a large bow that matches the top, but with the addition of a pink gem heart. Comes with wrist pieces and ruffled sleeves to match the top.


A white semi-pleat shaped like a tutu that appears rests over a straightened, short black skirt with white polka-dot print. A section of gray is visible with white lining at the hem. Sewn to the corners of the top skirt is a pink gem heart attached to a black bow with polka-dot print. Sewn to the back of the skirt is a large matching ribbon with thick ruffled tails lined by white ruffles.


Black shoes with flaps wrapped around the foot and held by a bow. Tight, black leg warmers cover the lower leg with polka-dot print and white lining to match the gray cuff. Sewn to the side is a pink gem heart.


A black ribbon with polka-dot print and a pink gem heart in a diamond covered base. A white lace cloth hangs from the bottom with tiny hearts and dots cut from it.


NonSugar Two Tone Dots Coord is a Celeb-type Rare Coord from the brand Dear Crown. It first appeared in the 2016 Series Divine Idol Promotional Coords.

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